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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inspiration Sunday May 15/11

My challenge for this week:
card 1:- paint an edifice--a barn, a shack, a house with character or any portion of the building that interests you

card 2:- paint using only primary colours

I love architecture. But you might as well know that perspective is my nemesis.
I've taken perspective in some workshops, and I even have a couple of books on the subject, but I seem to have a block when it comes to transforming the information on the page to a painting.
So without further apology, here's a portion of a building I sketched freehand from a photo:

This piece needs more detail added to show all the patterns in the stone, and the statues in the recessed arches. But in spite of the wonkiness, I'm happy with the result so far.
The challenge for next week:
card 1:- Using liquid glue, do an automatic painting on paper with the nib. Once dry, paint over this surface
card 2:- Use only complementary colours and black
Hope your day is a sunny one!
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. I always love seeing your projects1 and your prospective isn't that bad, like you said, a tiny wonky, but overall, it is really wonderful! this is a super piece, you did a really good job :X

  2. Well to someone who can hardly Draw in 3D your work looks absolutely terrific. I admire you for keeping on keeping on! Love from Chalky's World!

  3. Thanks so much, Bree!
    Thank you Gina for such a positive comment!
    Hey Linda, and thanks. I figure I can't improve if I don't keep trying. Some days, though, perspective is very trying!
    Hugs everybody!

  4. Oooh, you've been very creative lately! As far as perspective goes, it's such an individual thing. I love your painting. From my own viewpoint, I can never duplicate what I think I'm seeing so I'm never happy with it, but from someone else've view, it might be perfect. Maybe it's more about individual expectation. I like a perfect rendering, as if viewing a photograph, and yet...an artist's work is their individual unique interpretation and that's what makes some works so special. They're different from everyone else's.

    I've enjoyed your fabric play too.

  5. This looks great, love seeing it progress.

  6. I think you are getting a good grip on your perspective...the piece looks great so far. I have a hard time getting things right on that too, but you've got a good start. Love how you are doing the columns and recess areas..can't wait to see where it ends up!

  7. I could not agree more with Gina, Susan. It is all about your perception and interpretation. I like the number 7 stage of the painting, but like the whole progressiomn of the work...it is great.
    You are so good at setting yourself goals. I should follow your lead and carry them through as you have done.
    Looking forward to your next challenge.

  8. Hi Suz, it's ART it's OK!

    Perspective is pretty tricky as a subject- good on you for having a go!I could imagine this printed on fabric with embroidery all around!

  9. Hi Gina. I agree that desire for perspective, or the degree of perspective,in art can be subjective. I used to try to recreate an image exactly, and paint in a photorealistic manner, but I found that although I liked the detail, my renderings became rigid and cold. I've been told my style is more naturally impressionistic. However, I would like my work to be representational but with a fair bit of emotion. Everyone's style is unique and changing, and I'm working to improve on my skills and develope my own style. Thanks so much for your comment!

    This building, Stacie, is a marvelously detailed one, with ornate and gold carvings in the recesses. I think that, for now, I'll stop where I am, as I'm happy with what detail I have included. I'm trying to keep away from very detailed work, as I often get bogged down in those details and lose the emotion I'm trying to capture and express. I like a little mystery in my paintings, sometimes.
    Thanks Shirley for the lovely comment. I guess as long as the building looks like a building and isn't falling down when it's supposed to be standing......I should be happy. I'm trying to relax about the "rules" and just go for the feeling. That's a goal I'm still working on, though,......
    I think that having put my goal on my blog page, I'm more apt to go with the project, and this challenge of the painting cards pushes me out of my comfort zone, but also has me painting more often. And that was part of the idea. I'm having fun with it, too.

    Wow, Judy! I would never have imagined this as a fabric picture with embroidery. Can you imagine all the different shades of yellow alone one would need? That would be quite the challenge, I think.
    I just don't like my buildings sinking into a pond, or looking as though they're ruins before they are. (both of which have happened lol)
    Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments!

  10. I love the way you take the time to lead us through your work, Suz. The vibrant colours make it come alive.

  11. I love your colours on this painting. I'm a particular fan of watercolours (and like to dabble myself occasionally) and I think it's even more interesting to see your painting in stages. Wonderful!

  12. Suz, I think the perspective is great here, and the way the colors are used gives a wonderful feeling,that it is 3 dimentional- so beautiful..like an old theatre building..

  13. Thanks Janet! It's also a tool for me to guage my progress, and to 'see' again the different stages of my work. Sometimes looking back, I can say, "Ah, I should have stopped here" because continuing took the painting in a different direction, or, maybe I just ended up with mud. haha Thanks so much for your comment.

    Thanks, Max! Gee, I'd love to see your work! Will you post it on your blog? This time, the colours were indicated by the cards, but I'm surprised and pleased with the variety achieved with just the three primary colours.

    Thank you Dorthe! It is an old building with lots of character and decoration, and I'm so pleased you see it as 3-D.
    Thank you everyone for your nice comments! Hugs


  14. WOW! Not being an artist who paints I am super impressed with your blank page that became a wonderful piece of art. I love what you have painted. Happy week to you...

  15. Thank you, Createology. I really enjoy watching the page come to life. Hugs

  16. I love seeing the progression of your painting Suz - just wonderful the way the layers gradually bring it to life! Wish I could paint like that .....!

  17. Suz, I think it is great and I enjoyed looking at your progress with the piece too. My admiration. Di.

  18. Oh, Val, you have such a wonderful eye for design and colour, I'm sure you could paint beautifully! Thanks so much for your lovely comments!
    Thank you Di!


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