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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Christmas is coming so I tatted an angel with two threads, a white and metallic silver,
which led to these. I see decorated cards and perhaps angel stockings, or angel hats, or maybe even more angels ahead.
Are you starting your Christmas gifts, yet? What are you making?
Have a wonderful day!
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Hugs from Suz


  1. Suz, they are beautifull,
    haven`t startet yet,as I`m trying to get into swing, with all the angels to sew, for the christmas seacon in my shop....

  2. Suztats,
    I'm still dealing with getting ready for Halloween. No I haven't started with Christmas yet. But I will be soon. They are lovely angels! Great colors too! Soon we'll be dealing with snow.

  3. Dorthe, I shall be waiting to see all your lovely angels, and all your Christmas items! I know they'll be gorgeous!

  4. Hey Bsotf! I'm afraid living where I used to live, and where I live now, there are no trick-or-treaters, so other than a little fall decorating, I don't have any hallowe'en stuff to do. I miss it, but,......And as for that statement," Soon we'll be dealing with...." well, you really shouldn't be using those nasty 4-letter words...... LOL.....

  5. Beautiful angels!! I must start thinking and working on Christmas tatting soon.

  6. Hi Singtatter, so nice to see you here! I'm glad you like my angels. Now it's time for me to tat other Christmas motifs.

  7. I can see these tatted angels stitched side by side onto a piece of silk in a circular design with the small circles of the angels on the outer side and then these circles filled with silk ribbon roses with deep grey green leaves interspersed.... or onto a piece of crazy patchwork. love using tatting pieces with silk ribbon embroidery they just enhance each other.

  8. That's a wonderful picture you've created, Shirley! I think it would look fabulous! Maybe one of these days, I'll try SRE! It's on my list.....;-)


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