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Friday, September 17, 2010

Forest Fungi

Cody-dog and I went for our daily walk, and I noticed that, popping through the forest floor here and there were these:
and these.....



orange, white, beige, yellow, bown.......
and frills
On our return, I spied something I hadn't seen before, even though I travel this same route to and from the house at least 4 times each week. Perhaps the lighting was just right that day, or perhaps I stood at a slightly diffeent angle from the norm, but this is what I spied:

Rock-Man smiling at me! It made my day!
Here's hoping your day is filled with smiles.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. What Fabulous fungi!
    That old Man Rock sure is smiling!!! I love your "quirkiness".

  2. I love that man, he looks very wise and knowing!!

  3. Thanks, Judy! Hmm, quirky. I kind of like the sound of that. My friend, Shirl, just says I'm a nut-bar! Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm sure he is, Karen, but he's also the silent type! He won't tell me anything! lol

  5. You & Cody dog sure have a wonderful time finding things to share that most don't notice. You know you have to be careful when it comes to the silent type of a man..He likes you that's why he was smiling so big! Cause he knows a good woman when he sees one!

  6. You crack me up, Bsotf, and keep me laughing! Thank you.

  7. I'm too jealous to speak to you right now. :-P

    -Stephanie Grace


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