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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Painting Experiments 3

I'm still playing with my painting. Last time it looked like this:
While colourful, it was not what I had seen in my mind. So, of course, that meant I had to change  play with it!
I sketched out three leaves and Painted around their shapes with indigo. You can see the faint texture added by the plastic wrap on the leaves.
I grabbed a white crayon to use as a resist and drew a flower shape, then added some darker paint to make the flower show up. Some leaves were painted beneath the flower.
Here are some more squiggles made with the crayon and painted over.

I added more layers of colour on one side of the squiggles to make them pop.
I then decided to darken inside the three leaves. Look what happened! One of the original wax circles came to life! I guess they weren't lost as I'd thought. Was it because the colour over top wasn't dark enough?

So I decided to try painting over the 'worm' squiggle I thought had disappeared. And look! It showed up, too! Interesting.
So now I have several areas of interesting shapes...the flower and leaves, the double circle squiggles, the indigo leaves with a circle motif, and a worm squiggle. I might just cut these shapes out to make a few cards. What do you think? Or maybe I should switch to inks or acrylics and add more texture, or just  play and see? Which would you do?

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz 


  1. Wow, when you unleash the little kid in you..you end up being amazed by what you find that you thought was once lost. It looks amazing! You keep going & you won't want to cut it up for card?. Then you will have to figure out what to do just so you can make cards. Yes, I'm watching you having a blast! Thanks for sharing with us all!

  2. Thanks Bsotf! You are always so encouraging! And I am having a blast playing, it's true. Guess we'll both find out what happens,......;-)

  3. I just love the way this painting is developing. The colours are so sumptuous and your experiments with texture & alternative 'media' fascinating. Thank you for sharing.
    I so appreciated your warm encouragements and book recommendation today. Very kind.
    Off to wander around your gorgeous 'bubble space' some more and will be back!
    Hugs xxx

  4. Nice going Suz...love all the layering you have done. These would make super attractive cards!

  5. Hi Jo, and thank you so much for visiting and saying such lovely things! I may just play with this painting a little more. Hugs

  6. Thanks, Dotti! Usually I layer too soon and end up with mud, instead! ( I'm so impatient!) I'm learning to walk away and let the colours develop slowly in stages. I'm thinking of using at least two elements in cards, but it depends how I get on if I play some more.Hugs

  7. Hi Suz Well I think these painting experiments are just great the way they are. The colours blend so beautifully and could be used in cards, journals, framed etc.
    All the best, Suzy

  8. Thanks Suzy! I like the squiggles I've made, and may use some for cards. I'm thinking I might just dabble a bit more though in other areas and see what happens. Playing is so much fun! Hugs

  9. keep playing because it seems that you are having so much fun.

  10. Wow,wow!! Full view please.Cards seem to be a good idea.After all,Christmas is just a few months away :)

  11. Awww,gee, Deepa, you had to remind me, didn't you! lol! Yes, I have been thinking of and planning for Christmas, and since I usually make my cards, these squiggles could prove useful. Hugs and Best Wishes


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